A list of goals I'm working on

A list of goals I'm working on

This post was inspired by artist

Christina Lowry

who has a lovely inspirational blog, which my friend told be about this week and said to check her website out :) as she knew I had started taking classes at


- which I have to be honest is the bees knees when it comes to online workshops and learning and for only $4.95 per month is so worth it!!!

So I thought I too would share with you my art goals that I have for this year:

Creating Daily

My goal is to create something every day, whether its a sketch, watercolour or acrylic, it doesn't have to be big or small can even be a work in progress, whatever it is I really want to make it a daily habit. To me Art is Therapy so why not do it every day ;)

Try New Techniques

I really want to broaden my style and technique so I aim to complete as many workshops as I can this year and will be sure to post my work here.

On that note I am currently learning new styles and techniques via


with awesome instructors like

Lisa Congdon


Yao Cheng

.  I will share what I create as I go along.

I am also currently doing an online workshop called 'Creative Girl : The Land of Light and Shadows' with the lovely

Danielle Donaldson


Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network

and have just enrolled into another workshop by Danielle called '

Storybooks and Studious Girls

' which starts next week :)

I also have lifetime access to some of

Jane Davenports online workshops

which are absolutely wonderful, highly recommend if you want to use your art supplies stash in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Why I love online workshops is because you can work at your own pace and timetable, there is a great online community and the instructors are absolutely wonderful and so generous with their time and sharing their techniques.


Creating Balance {For Home and Business} - Jeanne Oliver

Creating Balance {For Home and Business} - Jeanne Oliver

Lino cut Workshop

Lino cut Workshop